The reasons are many and we try below to illustrate the various sides of the coin of a complicated market.

When it comes to the Test House, many times the first reaction is a great sigh of anguish and nervousness!

But why these sensations? Let’s do some clarity.

In the meantime, we need to clarify a fundamental point that generates great disorientation in customers, why do workers behave in such a way that, in view of the customer, it seems uncooperative?

Why is it often correct to certify in this way when asked by the customer or do I have to do something else? The answer from the laboratories is always “it is the customer who must know what to certify”

This would irritate anyone! But why all this?

Let’s be clear:

Our Laboratory is ISO 17020 ( Inspection Body), ISO 17025 ( Testing House), ISO9001, ISO27001 certified company, therefore we are required to comply with all that the legislation imposes therefore many behaviors that can be perceived as ambiguous or even uncooperative depend on what the specific rules impose. Do not forget that the testing house is approved by the Regulators of each Country which also imposes additional management processes that may seem strange from the outside.

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